• Chilliwack Chiefs 2013 - 2014 Regular Season Game Tickets
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Ticketing services for the Chilliwack Chiefs and Prospera Centre events are delivered exclusively through ticketCARD.ca Services Inc

Fans and customers may access the ticketing services either directly through ticketCARD.ca or through the Chiefs or Prospera websites. Chiefs' season tickets are available in either hard printed ticket form or loaded to a gift card known as the Chilliwack Fan Card. Game or event tickets can be purchased at the Prospera Box Office during regular office hours on on-line anytime through the appropriate website. Season and game tickets for the Chiefs may also be purchased at the Chiefs office on the north side of Prospera Centre.

Modest service charges are attached to all tickets sold and appropriate taxes are added at the time of purchase or included in the ticket price as determined by the event promoter.

ticketCARD.ca may be able to provide ticketing services for other facilities or events in the Chilliwack area. Please contact glen@ticketcard.ca with questions about these services.


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